Wikipedia describes Brisbane’s climate as having hot humid summers and dry moderately warm winters.  Is it any wonder that so many of you from Brisbane are hammock lovers?  Up until recently living in Brisbane, Queensland has allowed you access to mediocre hammocks.  Well, I am delighted to inform you that is no longer the case.

You now have access to the most premium quality hammocks available worldwide.  That is a big statement but I really believe it to be true.  In fact I believe it so strongly that if you can find a better quality hammock I will give you a hammock for free.  Why, would I do that? – well because it would be commission for finding a product that I would definitely want to add to the range.

Handmade Hammocks, Hammocks Perth

To make things even easier for you we will ship our premium hammocks express post for free and if your not happy you can send it back for free.  Brisbane is a beautiful place to live and it is important to stop and smell the roses from time to time.  So many people work their whole lives away and we have found that if you have a quality hammock it is like a magnet to take time out, relax and destress in today’s busy world.

Don’t hoard all the relaxation for yourself though, our hammocks are jumbo size meaning the whole family can relax together.  Also if you want to give a gift that will be remembered you wont go too far wrong with a premium quality handmade hammock.

Contact us today and quote the reference ‘brisbanehammocks123’ and we will give you a further 10% off your purchase.




There are a number of reasons why it is a very good idea to buy a hammock if you live in Sydney.

#1 Fast Pace Living

Around the world Sydney is known for it’s fast pace of life. Investing in a hammock is an excellent way to remind you to slow down and relax. A hammock set up in the garden or indoors will remind you to take time out from the hustle and bustle of life to kickback and relax. Life is short and it is important to take time out to contemplate everything – especially in a busy city like Sydney.

#2 Weather

Sydney is the capital of Australia and we all know this country is famous for its beautiful weather. The people of the capital need to lead the way in showing the rest of the country how to make the most of this weather by relaxing outdoors in a hammock. While most of the Western world is wrapped up indoors in cold weather, Australians get to relax in the sun in a hammock.

#3 Expensive Property Prices

Sydney has the highest property prices in Australia. If you live in an expensive property then you need to have a premium quality luxury hammock to compliment it. Thankfully you now have the option to buy such quality hammocks at reasonable prices from the Australian based West Coast Hammock Co.

#4 Business Headquarters

60% of Australia’s top 100 companies have headquarters in Sydney. Is there a better way to brainstorm the next best business idea or career move, than in the comfort of a jumbo handwoven hammock? Maybe you can convince your boss to hang some hammocks in the lunch room to encourage staff to really relax at break time. Stress free employees are more productive and happier in their work.

#5 Lots of People

Sydney is home to approximately 20% of the entire population. We have yet to send many of our hammocks to Sydney. This means that very few people know about the best hammocks available worldwide. That is a big statement but we really believe this to be true. We are offering lots of incentives to people in Sydney who can send us photos or videos of their hammocks in use. Please contact us and stay tuned to find out more.

#6 West Coast Hammock Co.

The West Coast Hammock Co. offers free shipping to Sydney and free shipping returns. That means that you can buy with confidence from an Australian based supplier. We want the people of Sydney to know about our product and therefore we are offering $50 off any SuperJumbo or VWeave hammock to the first ten people who buy one of our hammocks from Sydney,.

Come on Sydnian’s (people of Syndey) we need to hear from you!!! Don’t forget our hammocks are the best gifts for Sydney birthdays, Sydney weddings, Sydney retirements, and any other special event. Our hammocks are waiting to travel to Sydney!!!

Close up of Jumbo Hammock

In this article we are going to look at the key things to consider when purchasing an outdoor hammock. When referring to an outdoor hammock in this case we are talking about a hammock that can be setup outside, without the need to take it down or bring it inside, when the weather is bad.

#1 Weather Resistance

The most important thing to assess when considering an outdoor hammock is the material from which it is made. The most common materials for hammocks include nylon rope, polyester, cotton, and nylon parachute material. Some less common and innovative materials include acrylic yarn, hemp, and silk.

Synthetic materials perform the best in terms of weather resistance. Acrylic yarn and nylon parachute material are completely weather resistant and are not impacted by the elements. Nylon parachute material slightly edges out acrylic in terms of its quick drying attributes. Cotton rates the worst with the wet and dry cycle causing it to rot over a short period of time.

#2 Aesthetic

The hammock is in our opinion an item that can add a new dimension of colour and design to your back garden, front porch, pergola, or any other outdoor setting or structure. A beautifully designed colorful textile is an excellent way to add a new element of contrast to the stone, wood, water and other natural elements of your landscape design.

Acrylic hammocks lend themselves best to the colour dying process and achieve a very deep colour finish. Mixed colour yarn also allows for the hammock to look like a piece of art that can transform and be the icing on the cake of your perfect outdoor relaxation area.

#3 Air Flow

Body temperature is also important. A uniform material like parachute nylon is not breathable and therefore heats up quickly. A woven material allows airflow to permeate through the hammock preventing overheating and allowing you to feel more at one with the surrounding elements. The more loops in the weave the better the airflow attributes.

#4 Comfort

It is important to remember that one of the main reasons we are even considering hammocks to begin with is to relax and feel comfortable in the outdoor setting. Therefore it would be silly not to consider the comfort factor. Acrylic yarn takes the top spot here edging out cotton in second place. Acrylic yarn is unbelievably soft with its small fiber size further enhancing the comfort properties

#5 Ergonomics

When relaxing at the weekend, reading a book, recovering from a hangover, procrastinating or just simply remembering to take time to stop and smell the flowers, it is important that we can spend as long as we want in the hammock without hurting ourselves or getting pains and aches in the joints and bones.

Large jumbo hammocks are the most ergonomic as they allow you to easily lie in the recommended 30 degree diagonal position or completely perpendicular across the hammock bed.
A spreader bar rope hammock is usually unstable and can be easily toppled. Furthermore the hard texture of the stretched ropes can lead to a sore back after a prolonged period in the hammock.

Having considered everything above the ultimate choice for the outdoor hammock is the Acrylic Triple Yarn hand-woven hammock. This unique hammock ticks all the boxes in terms of weather resistance, beautiful designs, thousands of loops allowing ultimate air flow, unmatched comfort, and a design that moulds to the shape of your body allowing full weightless relaxation, combined with ultimate stability.

5 Things



Darwin is somewhere we haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting but is definitely on the list of places we want to see in Australia.  Darwin with its tropical climate sounds like the perfect place to own a hammock.  From the research I have done it seems as though a quality hammock like ours is not yet available in Darwin.  Thanks to our free shipping Australia wide that has now changed and to help fix the quality hammock void in Darwin we are offering a 10% discount on any orders during the winter season.  We would love to hear from the people of Darwin during our low season in Perth and I am sure something like the VWeave Aung San Suu Kyi hammock picture below would look well with Darwin in the backdrop.Hammock-168

The Setouchi Islands, located in the Seto inland sea are well known as a centre for contemporary Japanese and International art.  It is now on exhibition at Inu-jima’s C-Art-House on the Setouchi Islands.  Chinatsu Shimodaira is a young and upcoming artist. She wants to do what she calls “an art that you can touch and interact with”.  Recently she composed a new art work called “Ether” joining with our friend Yoshifumi Sawamoto and his team at “Hammock Evolve” to create an outstanding Hammock for this work of art..

It is now on exhibition at Inu-jima’s C-Art House on the Setouchi Islands.


feel of sun rays coming into the room, and falling on the hammocks. It integrates seamlessly into the old assembly building.  The hammocks featured in this are a special design created only for this exhibition, and the colours are made to match and complement  the work and the surroundings.  Yoshifumi Sawamoto the driving engine behind “hammock evolve” who supplied the hammocks is no unknown. About 10 Years ago, he spent more than one Year as our student, and developer of the Silk hammock. He also left his traces at our designing department, with such sophisticated designs as “Aurora” and “Eclipse” which we still consider the best around.  “Beyond handicrafts – it’s hammock art !” has become one of our favourite slogans recently, and we are delighted to see this becoming reality.

Congratulations to Shimodaira Chinatsu and “Hammock evolve” . We hope to see more of this in the future.


As highlighted throughout the website our hammocks are extremely durable and weather resistant.  There are however a number of steps you can take to ensure you keep your hammock in optimum condition.

Firstly always hold the hammock by the hoops/eyes and let it fall out naturally.  This will ensure that you prevent the hammock from tangling.

Avoid wearing clothes with sharp objects or buttons as they can catch on the hammock and tear the yarn or pull the strings tight.  Tearing a string of yarn will not impact on the overall strength of the hammock but you want to keep it in pristine condition.  The hammocks are in no way fragile but they are made from woven textile so common sense should be applied.

Unlike most alternatives on the market our hammocks are weather resistant and can be left outdoors in all weather conditions.  The strong summer sun we get here in Perth, Australia, fades everything eventually.  To keep the colours of the hammocks bright and vibrant for the long term it is best to hang the hammock in an area with shade.  This also helps with avoiding being sun burned.

The hammock can be washed in a bucket of cold water by dunking it a number of times.  You can add detergent and softener to restore the hammock to optimum health.  We will be discussing hammock repair and washing in more detail in future posts.

Following the simple steps above will ensure you get the most out of your hammock and that it lasts for years and years to come.

While travelling through Thailand some years ago I stumbled upon a hammock store called ‘Hammock Lovers’.  Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to stroll inside for a look.  The Thai hut style interior of the shop was full from wall to wall with a vast array of beautifully designed hammocks.  Mr Moon who owns the store presented a thorough overview of everything you never knew about hammocks.

He then asked me to try one out and gave instructions on the correct way to lie in the hammock.  As soon as I tried it I was hooked.  Some years later I formed a friendship with the original designer and creator of the hammocks and was lucky to get an exclusivity deal on bringing these hammocks to Australia.  We now have the full range available at our Perth store ready to be shipped anywhere in Australia.

The two key differences between our hammocks and others on the market are the following;

1. Acrylic Yarn

Most hammocks of this style are made from cotton.  Cotton is fine for indoors but left outside it deteriorates quickly.  A repeated action of getting wet and then drying will quickly rot the cotton hammock.  The cotton material also becomes very tough after exposure to the elements.  When brand new the designs of the cotton hammock look great, unfortunately colourfastness is also a weakness in the cotton hammocks.

Solution – Acrylic yarn.  Everything the cotton hammock is not and more.  I will go into more detail on that in future posts.

2. Hammock Art

The most intricately designed hammocks are available from our Perth based store.  The creator is always looking for new inspiration so if you have any ideas please send them through.  The ‘Vietnam Night’ in VWeave was based on a painting I picked up in Vietnam.  You think it and we will get it created.

Vietnam Night Hammock, VWeave Hammock

Vietnam Night Hammock, VWeave HammocksVWeave Hammocks, Hammocks Perth, Hammocks Australia

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