Hammock Artists

Hill tribe women weaving hammocks by hand

Hello, my name is Khong Kham. I am expert hammock maker. When I started making hammocks I already had extensive hand weaving knowledge . I like making hammocks beacause it’s very challenging.  I’m 42 married and with 3 children. Making hammocks gives my family some extra income. 

Tribal woman weaving hammocks by hand in Northern Thailand

Hello, my name is Noot. I like to make hammocks. Before joining this operation I was part of a hand-weaving project initiated by his majesty the King. I even won a few prizes as most outstanding weaver. I have a daughter, and a son who is a special needs child, so the salaries I earn from hammock making are most welcome. 

Smiling woman hand weaving acrylic yarn hammocks

Hello, my name is Nitiya, I’m a hammockmaker. I come from the Hmong ethnic minority. My family owns vast rice fields, and during the season I help them plant and harvest rice. During the off season I make hammocks. What I like most about this job is that it allows me to work when I want.

I appreciate the tolerance that allows me to rest every Saturday and attend religious services at my 7th day adventist church.


Thai hill tribe woman happily weaving hammock bed

Hello, my name is Noorah. I am from the Lahu etnic minority. I come from a small village near Thatorn where highly sophisticated hand – weaving has a long tradition.


Lahu hammock weavers in their tribal dress

This picture shows our group in traditional dress.

Thai woman teaching other women how to weave hammocks
Smiling woman weaving hammocks while sitting on the floor

Hello, we like to make hammocks. Our names are Sin, Toon, Waan and Pensri. We like the way we work without having a “boss” looking over our shoulders. We have been making hammocks for over one year, but we are still considered novices. Very soon we will have the opportunity to learn the more complicated sitting hammock and V-Weave.

We are proud to know that our hammocks are appreciated even in far away Australia.

Hammock weaver smiling at camera
Hammock weaver smiling
Lahu hammock weavers meeting

For the last two years we have been awarded a price for “most outstanding small business” by our local government. Once every 3 months we hold a meeting with all our weavers where we discuss technical and other important points. We also have an emergency fund for hardship cases, and profits left at the end of the year are distributed to everybody.