Buy Hammocks in Sydney

There are a number of reasons why it is a very good idea to buy a hammock if you live in Sydney.

#1 Fast Pace Living

Around the world Sydney is known for it’s fast pace of life. Investing in a hammock is an excellent way to remind you to slow down and relax. A hammock set up in the garden or indoors will remind you to take time out from the hustle and bustle of life to kickback and relax. Life is short and it is important to take time out to contemplate everything – especially in a busy city like Sydney.

#2 Weather

Sydney is the capital of Australia and we all know this country is famous for its beautiful weather. The people of the capital need to lead the way in showing the rest of the country how to make the most of this weather by relaxing outdoors in a hammock. While most of the Western world is wrapped up indoors in cold weather, Australians get to relax in the sun in a hammock.

#3 Expensive Property Prices

Sydney has the highest property prices in Australia. If you live in an expensive property then you need to have a premium quality luxury hammock to compliment it. Thankfully you now have the option to buy such quality hammocks at reasonable prices from the Australian based West Coast Hammock Co.

#4 Business Headquarters

60% of Australia’s top 100 companies have headquarters in Sydney. Is there a better way to brainstorm the next best business idea or career move, than in the comfort of a jumbo handwoven hammock? Maybe you can convince your boss to hang some hammocks in the lunch room to encourage staff to really relax at break time. Stress free employees are more productive and happier in their work.

#5 Lots of People

Sydney is home to approximately 20% of the entire population. We have yet to send many of our hammocks to Sydney. This means that very few people know about the best hammocks available worldwide. That is a big statement but we really believe this to be true. We are offering lots of incentives to people in Sydney who can send us photos or videos of their hammocks in use. Please contact us and stay tuned to find out more.

#6 West Coast Hammock Co.

The West Coast Hammock Co. offers free shipping to Sydney and free shipping returns. That means that you can buy with confidence from an Australian based supplier. We want the people of Sydney to know about our product and therefore we are offering $50 off any SuperJumbo or VWeave hammock to the first ten people who buy one of our hammocks from Sydney,.

Come on Sydnian’s (people of Syndey) we need to hear from you!!! Don’t forget our hammocks are the best gifts for Sydney birthdays, Sydney weddings, Sydney retirements, and any other special event. Our hammocks are waiting to travel to Sydney!!!

Close up of Jumbo Hammock

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