5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Hammock

In this article we are going to look at the key things to consider when purchasing an outdoor hammock. When referring to an outdoor hammock in this case we are talking about a hammock that can be setup outside, without the need to take it down or bring it inside, when the weather is bad.

#1 Weather Resistance

The most important thing to assess when considering an outdoor hammock is the material from which it is made. The most common materials for hammocks include nylon rope, polyester, cotton, and nylon parachute material. Some less common and innovative materials include acrylic yarn, hemp, and silk.

Synthetic materials perform the best in terms of weather resistance. Acrylic yarn and nylon parachute material are completely weather resistant and are not impacted by the elements. Nylon parachute material slightly edges out acrylic in terms of its quick drying attributes. Cotton rates the worst with the wet and dry cycle causing it to rot over a short period of time.

#2 Aesthetic

The hammock is in our opinion an item that can add a new dimension of colour and design to your back garden, front porch, pergola, or any other outdoor setting or structure. A beautifully designed colorful textile is an excellent way to add a new element of contrast to the stone, wood, water and other natural elements of your landscape design.

Acrylic hammocks lend themselves best to the colour dying process and achieve a very deep colour finish. Mixed colour yarn also allows for the hammock to look like a piece of art that can transform and be the icing on the cake of your perfect outdoor relaxation area.

#3 Air Flow

Body temperature is also important. A uniform material like parachute nylon is not breathable and therefore heats up quickly. A woven material allows airflow to permeate through the hammock preventing overheating and allowing you to feel more at one with the surrounding elements. The more loops in the weave the better the airflow attributes.

#4 Comfort

It is important to remember that one of the main reasons we are even considering hammocks to begin with is to relax and feel comfortable in the outdoor setting. Therefore it would be silly not to consider the comfort factor. Acrylic yarn takes the top spot here edging out cotton in second place. Acrylic yarn is unbelievably soft with its small fiber size further enhancing the comfort properties

#5 Ergonomics

When relaxing at the weekend, reading a book, recovering from a hangover, procrastinating or just simply remembering to take time to stop and smell the flowers, it is important that we can spend as long as we want in the hammock without hurting ourselves or getting pains and aches in the joints and bones.

Large jumbo hammocks are the most ergonomic as they allow you to easily lie in the recommended 30 degree diagonal position or completely perpendicular across the hammock bed.
A spreader bar rope hammock is usually unstable and can be easily toppled. Furthermore the hard texture of the stretched ropes can lead to a sore back after a prolonged period in the hammock.

Having considered everything above the ultimate choice for the outdoor hammock is the Acrylic Triple Yarn hand-woven hammock. This unique hammock ticks all the boxes in terms of weather resistance, beautiful designs, thousands of loops allowing ultimate air flow, unmatched comfort, and a design that moulds to the shape of your body allowing full weightless relaxation, combined with ultimate stability.

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  1. Lace Thomas
    Lace Thomas says:

    When my outdoor friends ask me why I love camping out with Hammock
    rather than tents, I always answer them “If you really want to sleep under the stars, this is the only way to do it. Fall asleep pointing out constellations or creating your own. To wake up and finally see where you ended up sleeping for the night, it just takes your breath away.” When convinced, they keep asking me for tips on which hammock to buy, and this blog just says it all. Great writing mate!


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