Buyers Guide

Which hammock is right for you?

Beautiful lady laying in parachute hammock next to swimming pool
  • Travel Jumbo
  • Akin to a very comfortable single bed. The travel jumbo is shorter than our other woven hammocks and is really suitable for one person with limited space or a tight budget. The hammock is lighter than its counterparts and therefore easy for carrying around when travelling or on the go.
  • Super Soft Acrylic Yarn
  • Super Jumbo
  • Super Jumbo is the starting point for those looking for a serious hammock. Using the analogy of a double bed the Super Jumbo is big enough for two people but also enables one person to stretch out and experience ultimate comfort – similar to that a single person would experience sleeping in a double bed. The extra length also negates any feelings of restrictiveness associated with the Travel Jumbo hammock.
  • Super Soft Acrylic Yarn
  • VWeave
  • VWeave is fondly referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce of Hammocks’. Sticking with the bed analogy it is like a king bed with a super soft top for ultimate comfort. This weave type is unique worldwide to Peter Schmid the textile engineer who designed it. V Weave hammocks are made using double the amount of yarn as that of the Super Jumbo hammock and therefore you really feel as though you are lying on a cloud.
  • Super Soft Acrylic Yarn
  • Ticket To The Moon
  • Ticket To The Moon hammocks are the original parachute camping hammock. For those going camping or travelling these hammocks are the solution to keeping it light and compact. Ticket To The Moon also supply a full range of accessories including mosquito nets, tree friendly straps and carabiners to provide the ultimate all round hammock camping experience
  • Parachute Nylon