The Setouchi Islands, located in the Seto inland sea are well known as a centre for contemporary Japanese and International art.  It is now on exhibition at Inu-jima’s C-Art-House on the Setouchi Islands.  Chinatsu Shimodaira is a young and upcoming artist. She wants to do what she calls “an art that you can touch and interact with”.  Recently she composed a new art work called “Ether” joining with our friend Yoshifumi Sawamoto and his team at “Hammock Evolve” to create an outstanding Hammock for this work of art..

It is now on exhibition at Inu-jima’s C-Art House on the Setouchi Islands.


feel of sun rays coming into the room, and falling on the hammocks. It integrates seamlessly into the old assembly building.  The hammocks featured in this are a special design created only for this exhibition, and the colours are made to match and complement  the work and the surroundings.  Yoshifumi Sawamoto the driving engine behind “hammock evolve” who supplied the hammocks is no unknown. About 10 Years ago, he spent more than one Year as our student, and developer of the Silk hammock. He also left his traces at our designing department, with such sophisticated designs as “Aurora” and “Eclipse” which we still consider the best around.  “Beyond handicrafts – it’s hammock art !” has become one of our favourite slogans recently, and we are delighted to see this becoming reality.

Congratulations to Shimodaira Chinatsu and “Hammock evolve” . We hope to see more of this in the future.