As highlighted throughout the website our hammocks are extremely durable and weather resistant.  There are however a number of steps you can take to ensure you keep your hammock in optimum condition.

Firstly always hold the hammock by the hoops/eyes and let it fall out naturally.  This will ensure that you prevent the hammock from tangling.

Avoid wearing clothes with sharp objects or buttons as they can catch on the hammock and tear the yarn or pull the strings tight.  Tearing a string of yarn will not impact on the overall strength of the hammock but you want to keep it in pristine condition.  The hammocks are in no way fragile but they are made from woven textile so common sense should be applied.

Unlike most alternatives on the market our hammocks are weather resistant and can be left outdoors in all weather conditions.  The strong summer sun we get here in Perth, Australia, fades everything eventually.  To keep the colours of the hammocks bright and vibrant for the long term it is best to hang the hammock in an area with shade.  This also helps with avoiding being sun burned.

The hammock can be washed in a bucket of cold water by dunking it a number of times.  You can add detergent and softener to restore the hammock to optimum health.  We will be discussing hammock repair and washing in more detail in future posts.

Following the simple steps above will ensure you get the most out of your hammock and that it lasts for years and years to come.

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