The Advantages of Hammock Weaving for the Hilltribe Community

Our SuperJumbo hammocks are hand-woven mostly by Khamu and Hmong tribes people residing in villages at the Thai-Laos border.

Deforestation and rapid development have made it difficult for these people to maintain a lifestyle dependent on their natural habitat in the jungles and they have struggled for a long time to find a suitable alternative.

Now, making these quality hammocks has finally helped them establish financial independence, earning higher than average wages.

The project makes alternatives such as tough fieldwork or sweatshop labor unnecessary. Instead it has created a highly-motivated, well-paid and superbly-trained and skilled workforce with the choice of working in a factory setting or from home.

Free initial training lasting about 3 months is given, and weavers are paid by the hammock so they can choose to work at their own speed.

Indeed, the project has brought them healthcare and probably the first unemployment fund in Thailand. They like to call the hammocks – “positive products from and for positive people” – we couldn’t agree more!