VWeave King Hammock!!

When I first found these hammocks in 2012 an instant feeling of what can only be described as utter joy and contentment came over me.  I had been travelling through Thailand on my motorbike when I discovered a wooden teak hut with brightly coloured hammocks hanging outside.

I had an inclination that I had found something unique.  I parked up the bike and went inside……

As soon as I lay in the hammock I knew I had discovered something VERY special.  I was a broke student at the time but the cost didn’t matter I had to have one of these hammocks.

My hunch turned out to be right – I would later discover that I had stumbled across the most comfortable and technically brilliant hammocks available anywhere in the world.

What makes these hammocks so different to all others is the acrylic yarn that they are made from.  Acrylic yarn is a very unique material for hammock making and is much more comfortable and weather resistant than cotton.  It also lends itself very well to the die process which gives the deep, bright and beautiful colours.

The VWeave hammock is the result of a chance meeting between a Swiss textile engineer and the Lahu hill tribe in the jungles of Northern Thailand, 30 years ago.

A combination of advanced textile engineering and skilled artisan weavers results in Australia’s Most Comfortable Handmade Hammocks, Guaranteed!

Please note this hammock currently ships direct from our weavers and will take approx 7-10 business days to deliver to Australia, UK, and Ireland.

Money Back Guarantee!

Try the hammock free for 30 days.  If you are not happy,  return it for a full refund including return postage costs.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it see what our customers think here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkVmysQ9xsk.

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Please note the hammock does not come with accessories and these need to be bought separately.  S Hooks and Tree Friendly straps are available for purchase on our website.

UK and Ireland Customers

We are delighted to now offer you the SuperJumbo Wave hammock.  Available from May 2019 we will be shipping direct from our European warehouse located in Ireland.  Hammocks are shipped express and should arrive in 2-3 days.

Technical Details

The VWeave design comprises 600 individual strands of yarn, each 4m long, equating to a total of 2.4KM of yarn.  It takes a Lahu weaver 14 days to complete 51 turns on each of the 600 strands (each loop makes two crossings) resulting in approximately 90,000 loops per hammock.

The greater the number of loops in a woven fabric is a direct indication of the quality.

Handwoven using unique ‘V Weave’ technique conceptualised by Swiss textile engineer Peter Schmid
Overall Length: 3.95 meters.
Bed Length (woven part): 2.25 meters.
Width: >2.50 meters.
Weight: 1.6 Kg.
Material: Weatherproof triple ACRYLIC yarn 3 x 16/2/2