Relax every single muscle in your body!


30 years of experimentation, trial and error, have allowed Swiss textile engineer Peter Schmid, to create the softest hammock material known to man.  The softer the hammock the greater the relaxation.  As you probably know relaxation is good for your mental and physical health.  Laying in your hammock is a great way to let go of stress and anxiety.

Weather Resistant

Most woven hammocks are made from cotton.  Unlike cotton, our unique acrylic yarn won’t rot over time when exposed to the wet and dry cycle of rain and sun.  Leave your hammock hung up outside and don’t worry about having to bring it in out of the rain.


Each hammock is handwoven by a skilled weaver from the hill tribes of northern Thailand.  Investing in a West Coast Hammock helps bring employment to the women of the Lahu tribes.  Hammock weaving is a preferred alternative to back breaking work in the rice fields.  The women can work from the comfort of their home and usually work with neighbours, creating a social work environment.  Feel good in your hammock knowing that it came from a happy weaver.

Big & Strong

The SuperJumbo hammock is large and spacious allowing you to fully stretch out.  Large enough for you and a loved one to relax.  Load rated to 250kg you can literally have the whole family relaxing in the hammock.

Beautiful Colours and Designs

We not only want you to feel good but we want you to look good too.  Our SuperJumbo range comes in a huge range of different colour patterns which have been designed, engineered and crafted over many years.  Our special yarn lends itself very well to the dying process resulting in deep bold and bright colours.  Mixed yarns allow us to create unique pieces of hammock art, that look really really cool.  A beautiful looking hammock gives you the full sensory experience and adds joy to your life.


Order today and be relaxing in your hammock within 1-3 days depending on your location.  All hammocks are stocked at our Perth warehouse and shipped to you Express Post.  Normally your hammock will arrive within 1-2 days for metro areas and 2-3 days for rural areas.

30 Day Free Trial

We know that buying online can be scary at times.  What if the product is completely different to your expectations and you are not happy.  We know you will love our hammocks as all our customers do.  To take away any risk in your mind we would like to offer you a full 30 days to trial our hammocks.  If in the unlikely even you do not like the hammock you can return it to us for a full refund.  We will also pay for the return shipping costs making the experience 100% risk free.

10+ Year Life Expectancy

The unique material our hammocks are made from allows the SuperJumbo hammock to have a design life of 10 years plus.  Included with your hammock are care instructions to ensure you get the most from your hammock and that is lasts for many, many years to come.

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Thomas Russell (verified owner):

Tom-April 2016
*Speedy delivery.
*Hammock and accessories excellent quality.
*Soft and comfortable so easy to snooze!

Kerrie (verified owner):

Best purchase l have made in years, I have wanted a hammock for a long time & did quiet a bit of research into them and the Westcoast Hammock came out on top! I love the colours available & it is so comfortable I am in it every weekend.
Highly recommend Westcoast Hammocks.

Carolyn (verified owner):

Love my hammock, so happy I did some research on construction before buying as I wanted a durable hammock for outdoor use, and ethically made was important so West Coast was the clear winner

Mark (verified owner):

Great hammock
Delivered promptly. Leaving it outdoors is a must for me (one never gets around to moving them) and this fits the bill for me and it appears to finally have weatherproof yarns. Great

No products found which match your selection.